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"Do Not Eat" Dog Treats

Product Safety Update

At this time of the year when we focus on being healthy and living well, I'd like to remind pet owners about certain dog treats that have been found unsafe.  Reports have continued throughout 2012 that dogs have become ill and/or died as a direct result of ingensting specific jerky made in China and sold in America.  Below is the current list of products to avoid, for the full FDA investigation, click HERE.  You may also refer to the poster.  The best choice for treats is homemade!  Here are a few recipes I posted last year that cats and dogs will love.

Canyon Creek Ranch
Waggin Train
Hartz Snausages
Booda Bones
Aspen Pet
Milo's Kitchen
Americal Kennel Club
Dingo's Beefeaters
Cadet Sargent's
Ever Pet (Dollar General)
Home Pet 360
Walgreen's Simple (new product)
The Kingdom's Pets
Beggin Strips
Canine Carry Out


This is extremely useful info, Ema.  Thanks for pulling it all together for us.  The thing to do is to avoid stuff made in China, period.  Plus, I love the recipes!