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Beware Craigslist

Bait Dog

Craigslist has become a convenient online spot to list, sell or trade all kinds of items.  But please - do not EVER list your dog on Craigslist.  If you need to surrender your pet, go to the local animal shelter and let trained staff or volunteer care for your dog and.or cat while searching for the right placement.  Dogs that appear on Craigslist fall prey to Class B Dog Dealers or worse, dog fighters or animal hoarders.  For a $10 fee, anyone can apply for a USDA Class “B” dealer license."  What would these Class B Dealers be in business to do?  Well, they will acquire cheap or free pets from online listings, flea markets or even stealing from the backyard and then sell the dogs to research labratories, backyard breeders or dog fighters looking for bait.  This is the worst fate for a previously owned pet who knows the love of a family and a home.  Instead, they become victims of circumstance and ignorance.  For a complete list of Class B Dealers, click HERE.  You can write a letter to your congressmen in support of doing away with Class B dealers.  And please, for the safety and health of your pets - surrender to a shelter, never to Craigslist.

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Dog shown is a bait dog taken from a dog fighting ring.  Keep your dog safe from this sad fate.


Heartbreaking, Ema.  I had no idea. 

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Most people don't realize the perils of the "free to a good home" listing.  Please share this information with friends and family.  We can prevent household pets from potential suffering.