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Wheelchair Accessible

pets with limited mobility

I came across a great blog today all about Handicapped Pets.  Many people don't realize that pets with limited mobility or physical handicaps can be just as active as their furry friends with the help of doggie wheelchairs or "drag bags." Admittedly, a drag bag doesn't sound very pleasant but for the times that a paralyzed pet is not in his or her wheelchair, the bag allows them to continue moving around without get scraped or bruised by dragging their back legs.  This blog has many different posts from writers on a variety of mobility related topics. 
Pet wheelchairs are not just for dogs, if you search the internet you will also find smaller carts for cats. 
If you have an older pet who is getting very stiff, or a pet who suffered an injury that left him paralyzed, please remember that they can continue to live a full and happy life. 

There are several different doggie wheelchair companies that can tailor the equipment to your needs.  Even Petco offers a basic model. Check these sites for more information:
Petco, Dog Karts, Walking Wheels and K9 Carts.

Please leave a comment below if you own or know a handicap pet, what equipment or mobility methods do they use?