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Protect Your Pets on Airlines

Many of our island visitors will make a voyage home with pets.  Airlines are not known for their diligence with pets who travel as cargo and there have been several horror stories of pets dying during at the hands of airline attendents.  If your pet is not small enough to travel in the cabin with you, then you're depending on the attendents and employees to transfer your pet when you change planes and other necessary tasks.  Other pets who may suffer on commerical airlines are puppy mill dogs and pets from commerical breeders who will ship animals anywhere in the US without being monitored for health and safety concerns.

Please consider backing a new propsal by the Department of Transportation that would expand the reporting requirements for airlines to help hold them more accountable for animals who die or are lost or injured during commercial airline flights. The new requirements would expand the number of U.S. carriers that are required to report these incidents. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has made it very easly to send a customizable email to show your support.  Thank you for speaking up for animals - we are their voice.

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