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The No-Kill Dilemma

Increasing Adoption

The Yonkers, NY Animal Shelter is one of the few munipal operations that follows a no-kill policy.  This means that they will never euthanize homeless pets living at their shelter.    Many city shelters are overflowing with homeless pets and are forced to schedule euthanization for animals who have been at the shelter for over a certain amount of time.  A stray or surrendered animal does not have an expiration date in Yonkers.  This is an ideal way to run an animal shelter - just think of how many funny, fantastic, loving pets are dying simply because no one took them home.

However, the Yonkers Shelter is facing a no-kill dilema.  They've had dogs there for over a year.  It's not a great life: sitting in a concrete kennel, staring through the bars, going outside just twice a day a quick bathroom break, waiting deperately for someone to love them.  Dogs can get depressed, develop infection, or get overly rambuncious, all of which lowers their chance at adoption.  People assume because Yonkers is a no-kill shelter, that all the animals are safe.  Well yes, they're safe from being killed but they're not happy.  They're not at home, with a family, sharing affection and play time.  There are some answers; adoption events, emails, facebook photos....but still, no one has visited the shelter in the last 15 days.  Not one person has inquired about the many, many dogs that sit and wait.

Please consider visiting your local shelter.  Even if you're not quite ready to adopt, go see who's there!  Tag along on a walk with a dog and a shelter employee.  When a dog is adopted, you change more than one life.  One dog out makes room for one dog in.  Give them a shot at life.

To see who's up for adoption at the Yonkers Shelter, check their  Facebook Page  or Petfinder Page


Thanks for this post. I just adopted a dog from the Yonkers Animal Shelter who had been there for 7 years. He is a great dog, but they still have almost 100 dogs!  

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Thank you for adopting and congratulations on your new friend!

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Wow, that's so awesome - congrats on your new friend!!  Please share this post, or the Yonkers Facebook page with your friends...the more exposure those pups get, the better chance they have at finding a home.  Thanks for the happy update :)

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Thank you for this post! I know that the goal is for no healthy animal to be euthanized in shelters nationwide, but we still have a long way to go. No-kill shelters do what they can, but in a country where pet-overpopulation is a massive issue, animals just don't get adopted fast enough. It's easy to judge shelters that do have to euthanize when other shelters are no-kill, but the fact is that there has to be a shelter available to accept an animal no matter what while no-kill shelters have the option to say they are full. It's a sad situation no matter what. The solution? Spay and neuter your animals and adopt rather than shop for your next pet. If your local shelter doesn't have the friend you're looking for, will connect you with homeless animals far and wide.

Did you hear??!!! Mia, the beautiful dog in the picture above, was adopted!!!! She just went home to a lovely new family with new toys and a new bed on Friday!!!

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YAHOOOOO!!!  That's fantastic news :D  Thanks so much for leaving a comment to update us.  I'm so happy for Mia <3 Now onto the next deserving pup.