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Musician names for adoptable dogs

New Dogs for Adoption

Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals has a new group of pups coming to the island on December 14th.  They've made their way from dire situations down south, traveled all the way to Massachusetts, placed in required quarentine for several days and on Friday they will board the boat to Nantucket!  Below is a brief description of each dog, part of the "Last Dance" group who have been given rock star names.  If you are interested in meeting one our new dogs, please call the shelter to make an appointment.  I suggest that you also fill out an adoption application HERE

BONNIE RAIT - spayed, female, German Shepherd mix, 14 months, 51 pounds. What a delight she is! Always calm and easy going, Bonnie is ready to participate in just about any activity. She loves rides in the car to run errands or runs thru the woods.  When on a walk alone with her human, she likes to stay close for plenty of biscuits.  Bonnie is very even tempered and remains calm when other dogs become excited. When things get too loud or “busy” she retreats to her crate, sitting very calmly with her front feet crossed in a relaxed manner. Bonnie lived for about 2 months at a home where grandchildren visited several times a week. She enjoyed their company and attention. In August, she was treated for Heartworm, but had a clear 4dx test in November.Bonnie is such a love and loyal companion, she can easily fit into a variety of situations.

TINA TURNER - A bundle of energy and ready to go. At 21 months, 14 pounds, this tan and brown female feist loves to keep up with the big dogs. She races back and forth on outings, sniffing off into the woods then running full tilt back for a biscuit. Tina has a compact, athletic build. Tina has a mischievous side and likes to “push the envelope” but she is just a sweetheart. She likes to cuddle, then dashes off on a new adventure. In a home where most of the other dogs outweigh her by 30-65 pounds, Tina is comfortable playing with everyone. She is also adept at judging her surroundings and finding her quiet place to relax. Tina was treated for heartworm in August 2012 but had a negative test result for it in November. Tina is such a joyful dog, she brings high spirits with her wherever she goes.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN -neutered, male, black lab weighing about 65 pounds, approximately 18 months old.  When rescued, he was totally emaciated, his poor nutrition evidenced by his non-existent hair coat. Lots of food, vitamins, flea treatments, exercise and love has brought his coat to a shiny luster.  Springsteen is friendly, lovable and always ready to play. He loves to run long distances. Grabbing a stuffed toy for tug of war with a house mate or throwing his toy into the air are favorite activities. Rolling around on his back--hoping for a belly rub is another fave. He is ready to play with all his family-canine or human.  He loves to ride in the van on the way to the walks— constantly scanning the horizon intently. He has done well with his introductions to children and has displayed curiosity  for the cats he has seen.

PAT BENETAR - 10 month old, female, 40-45 pounds, lab mixe. Pat and Cher are littermates dumped at 6 weeks of age, nearly starved with horrible skin problems. They love to play with the stuffed toys and chew sticks in the yard. On walks, both girls love to investigate every bush and tree on the path have a wonderful curiosity. Pat often stops, head erect with her ears standing at attention to glean every possible sound. She is very sweet and lovable in a one to one situation. She is the one who sticks close by on walks and runs back to get an extra ear rub and biscuit. Pat is still trying to overcome her fearfulness but is making tremendous progress.  Pat needs some time and patience to develop into the wonderful companion she is destined to be.

CHER - 10 month old, female, 40-45 pounds, lab mixe. Pat and Cher are littermates dumped at 6 weeks of age, nearly starved with horrible skin problems. Cher is energetic and ready to go. She loves to play tug of war with her sister Pat or with Springsteen. A few weeks ago, Cher took off on a grand adventure, to investigate the world a bit. Cher is becoming more outgoing every day and is mixing more readily with strangers and new situations.

CAVIAN - neutered, male, 22 months, 48 pounds, Lab/bird dog mix. Cavian is a handsome boy, mostly black with white, spotty feet and a small snip of white on his tail. Cavian recently met children and strangers. He was calm and friendly in those situations, being very approachable and gentle. Cavian loves to put his head in your lap — looking up with his intent brown eyes, leaning close sharing his warmth. He is such a mellow sweet boy when he is sitting next to you. Cavian is equally mellow when he is lying quietly in his crate, watching all that goes on. He knows how to stay out of the way while you perform household chores—but once you grab the car keys or jacket, he is there and ready. On a walk, Cavian comes alive, running easily for miles along the logging roads. Cavian always returns happy and content but ready for his next romp. He needs a bit of time and patience in new situations but has always shown himself to be willing to adapt.