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Nevada’s on Main Street in front of the Pharmacy

Nantucket is frequently visited by people from all over the world. Luckily, some of them bring their cars.

Like many Nantucket families, we keep a record of which license plates we see over the summer. Unlike a lot of families, our game is not initiated by a child. It’s driven by me.

As we drive around town, I cheerfully call out the names of the states on the license plates I see. “Vermont,” “Maine,” “Florida” is the music in my car. My sweet little daughter, sighs wearily and picks up the Melissa and Doug state license plate tracking board I got her, obligingly asks how to spell it and turns over the correct square.

I tell myself that I’m teaching her the names of states, about geography, helping her to improve her spelling, etc. But she’s really not nearly as interested as I am. I won’t say I’m obsessed, but I am very enthusiastic about cataloging all these plates. So far I don’t go out of my way to look for new license plates, but I do pay attention in some great license-spotting stops, like Stop and Shop, Jetties Beach, and Main Street square.

Luckily for me, there are phone apps to keep track of license plates now. I’m using StateHunt on my iPhone, but there are many available.

Does anyone else keep track of license plates? Any other great ways to keep track?

That being said, let me tell you where some great places to find out of state license plates: have been great for me. I’ve also found several apps for smartphones that are very useful.


I saw alaska at stop and shop

Two Wyomings in June

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i've seen Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Alaska, Nevada, California - and of course the obligatory Connecticut, New York, Rhode island, New Hampshire and Maine .. but also - North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, an Alabama, a Mississippi and even a Louisiana! .. i've also seen a New Mexico and belive it or not a Hawaii!!

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I always played this "game" as a child! Now I subconciously keep record, but may just pick up the game again after reading this! 


The Canadian plates are interesting too, A few years ago I saw a Nova Scotia plate downtown. Last year I saw A Montana plate on the Cape, Some long drives. lol