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Lost Pets

How NSHA Helps Reunite Families

Figawi weekend is a fun time for most visitors, although chaotic at times.  But when a beloved family pet goes missing, there's a lot to worry about.  Are they lost?  Have they been picked up by someone?  Or worst yet, are they in danger??  With so many drivers on the island during the summer, there are many risks for a pet on the lam.  Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals can provide a safe haven for a lost pet and help them get reconnected with their families.  There are a vareity of way that NSHA has been able to assist in these situations. 

First, if your pet goes missing please call the shelter immediately at (508) 825-2287.  Quite possibly, the animal could have been picked up by a good samaritan or by the town's Animal Control Officer and dropped off at the shelter.  As soon as a stray animal arrives, they are placed in their own kennel with a cot and water.  The next shift of volunteers will assess hunger, behavior, exercise and other needs.  The animal's picture is posted to our Facbook page with a brief description and a request for additional information.  Our Facebook fans will see the picture and make suggestions on who the owner may be and how to contact them.  If the lost pet is a dog, the owner must provide a current rabies certificate before we can release it, a requirement of Massachusettes State Law.  We also ask that you make a donation to the shelter for the time and care provided to your pet during their stay at the shelter. 

Another scenario that can help relocate pets is to email a photo of the pet ([email protected]) or post it to our Facebook Page (  Social media networking spreads the word fast!  Many of our Facebook fans are willing to share the info on their own pages, allowing the pet to be seen by hundreds of people and to gather infomation on the pet's wherabouts.  This works particularly well for cats, as they are harder to pick up and bring into the shelter and more likely to be spotted by neighbors.

Since the shelter opened in January, we've reunited over 20 lost pets.  Have you benefited from our services?  Let us know how it worked for you!

Here is our Facebook album titled "Reunited!"  Have a look at these happy faces who found their families again.





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Thank you for this!  So happy to have this on Nantucket...The animals in our lives are so important.