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Lick It List

A Boy's Wish for His Dog

We've all heard of a Bucket List, right?  The list of things you want to do before you die.  Well Cole Hein, an 11 year old boy from Canada, has created a Lick It List for his beloved dog Bingo.  Bingo came to the family as a service dog for Cole, who had a severe breathing problem as a child.  Bingo would alert the family when Cole was in need of CPR and helped save Cole's life more than once.  Bingo is 13 now, and has been diagnosed with canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.  Bingo has just weeks left to live.  As heartbreaking as this news is for Cole's family, this little boy decided to honor his friend before she's gone.  Among the items on Bingo's Lick It List is to recieve treats from around the world.  So Nantucket - let's help make that wish come true!  Send Bingo & Cole something uniquely Nantucket.

Dog treats, cards and small gifts can be sent to:
Cole Hein/Bingo Hein
PO Box 413
Shilo, MB
R0K 2A0

For more info on Cole & Bingo, check their Facebook Group
An article about Bingo & Cole appears on

Photo by Brit Latham


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Update: Bingo has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but Cole continues to honor her memory.  Ceasar Milan, famed dog behaviorist, has partnered with Cole to establish a fund in honor of Bingo.  Click HERE for full update.