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Kelly Ripa said what...??

Badmouthing Breeds

This week on Live with Kelly and Michael, Christopher Walken appeared to promote his new movie Seven Psychopaths.  When discussing the plot, a dog kidnapper for hire, Kelly commented “The gangster’s dog, if it was a gangster, would have to be a dangerous, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?”  Not only was she incorrect (the dog in the movie is a shih tzu) her ignorant statement reinforced negative sterotypes to millions of viewers.  Pit bulls and pit bull lovers are struggling to overcome an underserved bad reputation.  Pit bulls are a loyal and loving breed who want to please their owners.  If their owners teach them to fight, they will fight to please.  Sadly, the demanor of a pit bull often lies in the hands of the owner.  And even those who have fought were able to recover from massive abuse and become healthy and loving family pets - case in point, Michael Vick's rehabilitated dogs. 

Now, giving Kelly the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she is just doesn't know the statistics.  Thousands of pit advocaters have taken to social media to stand up for the dogs, pointing out that they are not thugs and their dogs are not vicious.  The Live with Kelly & Michael facebook page shows thousands of comments from pit lovers from all walks of life, trying to show Kelly the error of her comment.  Even other celebrities have joined the chorus, actor Will Wheaton tweeted "According to @KellyRipa Pit Bulls are "dangerous" and "the gangster's dog". Her ignorance breaks my heart, and will hurt Pits in shelters," and actress Kaley Cuoco tweets "I really hope @KellyRipa didn't say what I think she said this am regarding pit bulls. #Please don't be true."  And comments like this, from Kara Rogers “As a veterinarian who has three Pit Bulls — two of which are therapy dogs — and works with numerous bully breed rescues, I can honestly say from a professional point of view that Pit Bulls are one of the best breeds out there. Thanks for stereotyping, ‘Blondie," appear one after another on Facebook. 

All these comments and tweets ask for one thing only, that Kelly apologize on air for her comment and help America see pit bulls for what they truly are.  Once used as "nanny dogs" in the early 20th century, they serve as therapy dogs in hospitals and schools across the county.  Dog lovers just want the record set straight.  Sadly, Kelly (and her team of writers) have yet to address these requests.  In the process, they are losing thousands upon thousands of educated viewers. 

Pit bulls are always a hot topic - where do you stand?

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I've known two pit bulls, and both were loyal and loving and non-aggressive members of their human pack.  As you said, Ema--the dogs want to please their owners, and if the owners teach them to fight, that's what they'll do.  It's not the breed, it's the owners.

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Perciesly, judge the deed not the breed <3

Rippa's comments were totally baseless and show a lack of intelligence. One comment by someone with a huge audience can set back the efforts of thousands of volunteers and advocates. Use your pulpit to do something good for these animals, not spread misinformation and prejudice. Why no apology or retraction of her comments? She'd better start doing some damege control and have a whole show dedicated to "pits".