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Internet Cat Video Film Festival

The Walker Art Museum of Minneapolis, MN has just introduced the world to the newest social media phenomenon - The Internet Cat Video Film Festival - what a mouthful!  The film festival was a part of The Open Field Initative program which aims to provide free, often experimental, programing developed within the community and open to the public.  Over 10,000 video submissions were received, and then narrowed down to 79 official entries.  On August 30th, a crowd of nearly 10,000 people descended on the commons area of the museum to partake in the silliness.  The event was even picked up by the New York Times (article here).

My favorite video submission doesn't star a cat but rather a little girl, reading aloud from her favorite book about kittens.  The sheer abusrdity of it makes me laugh out loud every time.  You can view the entire playlist here but have a look at the winning submission, a cheeky film noir style video about the ennui of a cat named Henri.  Which video would you vote for? 


Always loved the Henri videos.  They just captured that noir, jejeune... you name it, French ennui for sure.  So funny.  Thanks for the list!