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How to Spend a Foggy Morning

Take comfort --it WILL burn off…eventually…probably by mid morning.

Think of it as extra prep time for that trip to the beach or the trails.

Hang tight for a while. Make pancakes at home, or hit the Downey Flake or Black Eyed Susan’s or The Bean or Fog Island.

Get up early.   Relish the quiet  while all else sleep.  Drink sips of bold coffee as if for the first time.

Notice the world is a white paper lantern.
Crawl inside it.
Allow yourself to be a bug-- something infinitesimally small
Soak in the warm glow.
Take nourishment in dewy vapor.

Walk in the mist.
Think SPA.

Behold ghost creatures in the distance.

Feel the sun ply the last filaments of gray.

Head out into a dazzling golden day.

Or at least into one not quite so wet.


Just walk down to the wharf and listen to the fog horns. Take a drive out of town and have someone sitting on the fender or walking in front of you to find the way (better yet, try that on one of those pea soup fog nights); hang out at the airport on a foggy afternoon with some friends and take bets on planes missing landing approaches (that was interesting back in the late 60's/early 70's when there was jet service from NY).