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Hot to Trott: Magnificent Movement Classes for Kids

Marjory Trott's Creative Movement and Yoga at Children's Beach

If you can find a way to schedule some of Marjory Trott’s classes into your kids’ summer schedules, they will thank you in smiles.

Only a few minutes into one of Marjory’s classes and you can sense her largesse of spirit, her warmth, and the depth of experience and training that lies behind her seemingly simple offerings.  She is no fly-by-night; she has 18 years of experience teaching kids at  Children’s Beach, along with experience in theater and teaching dance therapy to special needs preschoolers.  One can sense her theater background in her effervescent personality. She doesn’t just smile—she smiles big. And her face doesn’t just smile, her voice and her body smile too.  In her you will find a wonderful marriage of childlike spirit and sophisticated knowledge and creativity.

Her classes draw from a really fresh and artistic repertoire of music for children.  Kids get to become astronauts dancing from star to star, or dinosaurs stomping around roaring gently, some perhaps with long necks, others with big tails, some serpentine, others more birdlike. Through the music and dancing kids use their bodies to explore metaphor and the rich world of the imagination.  

Marjory offers a variety of classes for ages ranging from 10 months to 18 years.  Through age 3 children must be attended by an adult, but after age 3, parents do not need to be present for classes.  In addition to her group classes, Marjory offers individual and private group classes, as well as hosting kids’ parties and group event activities.  If you have a teenager, be sure to check out her free yoga classes for teens on Tuesday evenings at the Atheneum.  

For schedules and prices, check out her website at  No registration is required, as they are on a drop-in basis.  But you can call with any questions: 508-228-4209.  And if you're on facebook, you can "like" her page at to stay up to date on what's going on.

Classes just started this week, and will run throughout the summer.  So find which class is right for your child/children and head on down to Children’s Beach bandstand for the enriching magic of the Marjory Trott experience.   

Do you have a Marjory Trott experience to share?  Either from classes, or a kid's party you may have attended?  We'd love to hear from you!