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Halloween for Pets

I love Halloween!  I celebrate it for several days over the weekend and on the actual holiday.  I bring my dog Ginger to the town parade in her own costume.  In past years she has been a witch, a bird, and a firecracker.  This year we might tone it down a little with just a festive neck wrap.  Either way, we both have a great time seeing all the families and pets in costume, parading down Main Street.

A recent study by the National Retail Federation anticipates a record $370 million spent Halloween costumes for pets in 2012.   If you're thinking about a costume for your pet, you can purchase some unique ones at Geronimo's on Pleasant Street.  Of if you'd rather utilize your own talents and supplies, here are some DIY ideas tfor pet costumes.   

Most importantly, let's keep our pets safe during the festivites of Halloween.  If you plan to host a gathering, be sure to keep pets in a quiet and closed room seperate from the party.  Even the most friendly of pets can sneak out the front door!  The ASPCA has a list of easy to follow safety tips for pets that you should consider before the holiday.  And for some laughs, here's a great gallery of silly pet costumes that paraded through Thompkins Park, NYC this year.  What will your pet be dressed as this Halloween?

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