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Pet first aid

Emergency Preparedness for Pets


We are all making preperations for Hurricane Sandy and we want to make sure that our pets remain safe during the storm as well.  Here's the scoop for pet owners on Nantucket:

Pets will be allowed at the the emergency shelter, Nantucket High School att 44 Surfside Road. Please be sure to check the I&M website or ACK FM (97.7) to confirm the opening of the emergency shelter.  The High School will have a separate area set up for animals in crates and cages, to keep them seperate from anyone with allergies. All pets arriving at the shelter must be crated.  You can buy these kennels at Geronimo's. If you can't afford to buy a kennel for your pet, please call Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals (508-825-2287) to see about borrowing one of ours. Bring a supply of pet food, water and any meds for your pet, along with litter accommodation for cats. NHSA will NOT be taking pets at the shelter because kennels must remain for available for strays.   If you plan to remain at home during the storm, please keep a close eye on your pets. The NSHA Facebook page will post photos of any stray pets taken into our shelter during the storm so if you're missing an animal, please check our page. Strong winds, thunder and other noises can scare pets, prompting them to run away.  Here is a recommended list of emergency kit items, create one for each pe you have:

  • Pet food in a waterproof container
  • Water in gallon containers (1/2 gallon per pet per day in addition to 1 gallon per person per day)
  • Cat litter and a litter pan
  • Waste-disposal bags
  • Current photographs of your pet (You might want to take these photos with your phone and then print them so that you have hard copies as well as electronic.)
  • Copies of registration information, adoption papers, proof of purchase, microchip, tattoo or other identification information
  • Copies of medical records
  • Any veterinary medicines
  • Extra collars, harnesses and leashes
  • Pet first aid kit (See this checklist to be sure yours is well-stocked!)
  • Cleaning supplies for crates or other areas where accidents can occur