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The Happiest Dog in America

Dogs never cease to amaze me with their spirit.  The worst circumstances (injury, neglect, abuse, starvation) can occur and yet they persevere.   Dogs who lose their eyes or limbs are not embarrased by their looks, or deterred by their abilites.  They continue to love, to enjoy and to inspire.  This sort of miracle happens every day. 

Please watch this brief video about Batman, rescued after being hit by a car, rehabilitated and using a dog cart for mobility.  He wrestles with his dog pals and runs loops around them.  He is up for adoption and can be found on Facebook at:


Ema-- this brought tears to my eyes.  I can't believe he has done so well--what determination he has!  Thanks for posting.

Ema Hudson's picture

Batman exhibits the determination and love that all animals are capable of.  It certainly is amazing, and an inspiration to us all :)