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Amazing Tale of a Mountaintop Rescue

Here is an inpsiring story of how 8 strangers worked together to save Missy, a German Shepard who was left abandoned in the rocky terrain between Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans in Colorado.  Hikers Scott Washburn and his wife Amanda were spending the day on the trails and wandered off course slightly when they spotted the injured dog, lying alone on the rocks. Scott and Amanda gave the dog food and water but were unable to transport her down the mountain.  Feeling terrible for the dog and knowing how cold the nights are up there, they reached out to every resource possible but emergecy responders would not mobilize because there were no humans in need of help. Missy spent a total of eight days in the mountains alone before her rescue.

Scott and Amanda posted their plight on a hikers website ( and within two days, a team of 8 veteran hikers assemebled to make the trip.  These hikers had never met each other before but were prepared to find and rescue Missy together, carrying her down on their backs.  Their success has garnered nationwide interest and the team recently appeared on the Ellen Show.  Missy's former owner has agreed to give her up for adoption and one of the rescue hikers is planning to adopt and re-name her Lucky.   Would a real animal lover abandon their pet in the mountains?  Was it a bad idea to bring Missy for a hike in that terrain?

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