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A Home for the Holidays

Wouldn't it be great if every shelter pet had a home for the holidays?  You can help make that happen!  Shelters across the country, and right here on Nantucket, are running a Home for the Holidays program that allows community members to sign on for short term foster of a homeless pet.  Imagine how happy you can make a lonely cat or a dog by offering them a cuddle in the warmth of a real family home.  That's so much better than sitting on their cold cot in a small, noisy kennel.  Pets benefit from foster homes because their stress levels drop and they get a chance to interact with human companions.  Quite often foster families have pets of their own so the shelter will work to place you with a pet friendly animal. 

Nantucket Safe Harbor has several dogs and cats who would love to go home for the holidays.  Short term foster contracts can last as little as a week or two, just to get these pets a little extra joy for the holidays.  The shelter will pay all food, litter and medical costs while the pet stays with you.  Please consider brightening the holidays for a pet in need.  You can call the shelter to find out more at (508) 825-2287, send us an email at [email protected], see details in our Foster Handbook or look our list of adoptable pets.  Share the love!