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Rescue Me from Spongebob

I wonder about Spongebob Squarepants. What’s his history? Where did he come from? Why is he square?  

Maybe he’s a natural sponge that was captured and cut into a square by humans. Maybe he then fell off a boat or a garbage scow after being used and thrown away. Maybe his is a story of retribution after abuse, reclaiming ones heritage and adapting to limiting circumstances with an uplifted attitude. Maybe he has brain damage, or grew up with no social interaction and that explains his behavior.

Maybe he’s an artificial sponge, thrown into the ocean and making a life for himself there. Sort of a “fish out of water” tale, like the cliche of city slickers in the country. He’s a misfit, an original. Garbage, flotsam, reclaimed.

Maybe... I need a break from these kids.


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 Georgen, You are going to love this ...I heard a tale that spongebob squarepants is written by a benchley reletive which makes Jaws and Spongebob cousins :)