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Bay scallops.

Water quality is the foundation of our island life

The phrase water quality gets tossed around a lot on this island, but many of us don't realize what we're saying when we use it. We'd be better served if we just said "high water quality" is what we're striving for and "low water quality" is what we're trying to avoid. "Water quality" is such a benign term that it needs a qualifer.

So, the Board of Selectmen are holding a water quality workshop on Feb. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building at 4 Fairgrounds Road. At this workshop, which is open to the public, the selectmen, in their pursuit on the town's behalf, of high water quality for all of Nantucket's harbors, ponds, wetlands and its sole-source aquifer, will be getting hearing a presentation of the Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment of the Nantucket Island-Wide Estuaries and Salt Ponds Update 2015. The town's water quality assessment contractor, the School of Marine Science & Technology at UMass Dartmouth did this work and the report, and will have staff at this workshop to give the report and answer questions.. The town's water quality specialist, Kaitlyn Shaw, will also be there to answer questions, talk about the eelgrass mapping project and future town water quality work. There will also be a presentation of the results of the aerial eelgrass mapping project done last summer.

Anyone who cares about increasing our water quality and protecting our fragile salt and fresh water ecosystems should definitely get to this workshop.