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The Nantucket Eco Group.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you, Supporters of the Nantucket Eco Group!

No, really, Thank you!
Seriously, though, THANK YOU!!!!

On a cold, rainy, gray morning, April 23, around 20 forward-thinking Nantucketers collectively calling themselves the Nantucket Eco Group, realized their dream of putting on an earth-centric festival for year-round island residents called SpringFest.

Their intent was to enlighten the island with ecological education, inspiration to explore sustainable living within the limits of Nantucket’s natural resources and encourage collaboration over a whole range of alternative, yet sensible approaches to agriculture, energy, water quality maintenance, our year-round economy, holistic healing, waste management and land conservation. One would think that 20 people would be enough to get our message out, but soon after we founded the Nantucket Eco Group in November 2015, the logistical enormity of our crazy dreams became abundantly clear, as we all shared our wild ideas on what SpringFest might be. Even when whittled down to a perceived manageable five-hour event, we still needed a lot of help. And boy, did we find it!

Turning to our year-round island community, we happily found plenty of folks who wanted to help out and be a part of the Nantucket Eco Group/SpringFest vibe.

Despite the rain, our inaugural SpringFest was deemed a huge success and one that couldn’t have happened without all of the helpers we drew to our cause. We can’t thank you all enough, but we can certainly broadcast our gratitude to a wider audience. To everyone who joined our circle and danced with us, please accept our acknowledgement of your contribution to SpringFest 2016.

—The Nantucket Eco Group