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Stranded seed scallops along Nantucket Harbor's southern shores.

Scallops and wind

We're entering the time of year when scallop seed, juvenile scallop, is most likely to be blown up onto and stranded on harbor beaches.

For the next five days at least we'll have winds out of the northeast and east blowing up to 30 mph. Sustained winds from these directions and also from the north and northwest over a multiday period are the ideal conditions for scallop seed strandings.

Despite Saturday's forecast for rain, will you be out on the first day of the 2016 recreational scallop season looking for your first bushel? If you're going to be scalloping anywhere between Monomoy and Wauwinet on Nantucket Harbor's south shoreline and or if you're going to be walking along this shoreline during the next five days or so, keep an eye out for large amounts of scallop seed, which at the most, can survive about 24 hours out of the water. Should you find significant amounts of scallop seed on the beaches, please call me at 508-325-3432 with the location where you saw the seed and an estimate of how much is there. You can text me photos as well. I'm the chairman of the Harbor & Shellfish Advisory Board and can get your information to the town's Natural Resources Department staff who can then mobilize seed stranding volunteers to get the seed scallops back into the harbor as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your help and good luck out there!