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A nice dense brood pattern is what we need to see this time of year!

My bees are making up for lost time!

My carniolan bees getting down to the bottom of their syrup.
Brood, honey and lots of bees!

Ample doses of warmer and sunny weather we've had these last two weeks has made a big difference in two of my three hives.

The second of my first two colonies, the one that arrived on island with around a third of their bees dead, is rebounding like crazy and showing real signs of needing the addition of second brood box with 10 vacant frames within the next two weeks. I know, that sounds late considering that last year by this time, I'd already added second brood boxes to both of my hives, but it's amazing to me that this hive, which started out with a moderate handicap, is doing so well. These bees are plowing through the sugar syrup I'm feeding them with in their top feeders.

My new colony, which I received and installed on May 19, wasted no time getting down to the business of building up their colony. Within four days of me installing them and their queen in their hive, these Italian bees were already bringing in pollen, meaning the queen was laying eggs. When I checked this hive on May 30, a day beyond two weeks of starting this colony, the hive was as packed (almost) as my two amazing hives from 2015.

I'm thinking if we get a good stretch of sunny, warm weather, both of these hives are going to blow up with plenty of bees and new brood!

Stay tuned!