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Eelgrass sheltering a cunner in Nantucket Harbor. —Photo by Kimberly Manzo, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Know your eelgrass beds

Eelgrass mapped between 1995 to 2015 inside and outside of Nantucket Harbor. —Courtesy of the Nantucket Natural Resources Department

If you missed the presentation to the Board of Selectmen in March by eelgrass mapper Charlie Costello, he's back on Nantucket on Tuesday, May 10 share this information again.

The town hired Costello last summer to map out the island's eelgrass beds in its harbors from the air and up close underwater for the town's ongoing efforts to monitor and restore eelgrass forests that have been declining. We've lost an estimated 40 percent of our eelgrass beds.

Costello will discuss his above and below mapping efforts of last year as well as his mapping of Nantucket's eelgrass beds since 1995, which allows him show the ebb and flow of eelgrass in our harbors. Bring your questions and attention to the Community Room on the first floor of the Public Safety Building at 4 Fairgrounds Road tomorrow at 4 p.m.

I'll see you there!