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Piping plover

Great Point closed to vehicles due to nesting shorebirds

The Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge

If you're planning a drive up to Great Point in the near future, you need to know that part of the beach leading to Nantucket's northern-most extremity is closed while nesting shorebirds raise their young.

Nesting shorebirds including piping plovers and least terns forced the Trustees of Reservations to temporarily prohibit oversand vehicle driving beyond Marker 4, the north end of the Galls including all of Great Point, its lagoon, dunes and the tip. Typically, piping plovers' and least terns' chicks have fledged, learned to fly, by early August, so beach drivers hoping to go beyond the north end of the Galls this summer should expect to do so on foot.

Enjoy it out there!