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The wet side of Great Point.

The Great Great Point-Coatue-The Galls-Coskata Cleanup

The Blue Gloves Brigade (Nantucket Clean Team) opens its 2016 cleaning season on Saturday, March 19 with the massive cooperative cleaning of Coskata, Coatue, the Galls and Great Point in cooperating with the Trustees of Reservations, the Nantucket Committee of The Trustees of Reservations and the Nantucket Conservation Foundation.

This is not your usual one-hour Saturday morning cleaning session the Clean Team is known for. So many, many more hands and if possible, their four-wheel-drive vehicles, are needed. If cleaning is in your blood and you can't stand a mess, especially along the shores of your home island, YOU NEED to join this effort over the weekend. Those so inspired should rally at the Wauwinet Gatehouse parking lot at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday for a beach cleaning session that lasts from 9 a.m. through 12 p.m. Please drive your own oversand vehicle because there is very limited space in the Trustees four-wheel-drive van. And dress appropriately depending on the weather. Also, bring enough food and water for yourself.

The rain date is March 26. You're encouraged to check the Announcements and Alerts section of the Trustees' Coskata Coatue Wildlife Refuge page for go/no-go announcements depending on weather conditions. 

Those who do show up for this great beach cleanup event will be very warmly received!