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Plops Harbor

Getting out onto the Nantucket while you can

Hike with us, get one of these!

Do you revel in the peaceful quiet of Nantucket during the winter months, especially January and February? Do you walk every day or at least several times a week? Do you frequently explore areas you have scant information on but find yourself wishing you knew more about? I know the feeling. And, I can help.

Nantucket Walkabout, the guided hiking service I started several months ago, is operating year-round. We go to a few island locales you've probably never been and several you might have already. What I offer is the knowledge of each area and how Nantucket was created by the last glacier, how her flora and fauna sprung from a sandy, gravely foundation, and how our human impacts including conservation efforts impact the island.

If you live on the island year-round, join me on a hike sometime and take advantage of my winter islander's special. Walk with me for $25 and $10 for children 12 and under through March 20, the last day of winter. I'll pick you up at the Handlebar Cafe and when the hike is over, drop you back there and hand you coupon for $10 off a regularly-priced hike. 

Check out the link to my website in this post and then get back to me on which hike you'd like to explore.

Enjoy your winter if I don't see you!