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Mr. Connell himself scouring Codfish Park Road for errant trash.

Clean Team pre-emptive strike planned for Stroll Saturday

Nantucket Clean Team leader Bill Connell is bringing this group of trash magnets back together for one last collecting session for 2016.

Answering to a tradition of cleaning up the downtown morning of Stroll Saturday, Connell and his merry band of blue-gloved refuse trackers will meet in the usual spot for a town clean-up, in the downtown Stop & Shop parking lot at 8 a.m. this Saturday morning, Dec. 3. If you'd like to join them, but only have an hour to spare on this busy morning, no problem. The Clean Team's style is to swoop in to the chosen island area and clean for one hours, so you'll have plenty of time to help make downtown look purdy and still have time to get your ugly holiday sweater and and ridiculous reindeer antlers on for the Stroll festivities.

Still not convinced? Check out of their website via the link in the first line of this post.

Have a great Stroll!