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Picking up a trash is an obsession for some Nantucketer!

You should try to make it yours as well.

Do you see trash in your sleep or just all over Nantucket, and feel a burning desire to clean it up?

If yes to either or both, seasonal Polpis resident Bill Connell can sate your desires by inducting you on the Nantucket Clean Team, a band of dedicated Nantucketers who meet every Saturday at 8am at different island location to clean their island and their consciences for one solid hour. Getting excited already? Then check out Chief Connell's message for this week's cleaning target:

"We had 20 Volunteers out on Saturday.  Actually, there were more.  They operate in a solitary, clandestine way.  Claudia did Rotary to Naushop on Old South.  Thanks, Claudia.  We need Roxanne on Milestone. Are you there, Rox?
Peter and Herb bailed out the Team from the edge of insolvency.  Wear your Shirts in good health, Men.
Beautiful down at Fat Ladies.  Rain threatened but had mercy on us.  Just relentless waves and a two mile stretch of dunes and sand left perfectly clean.  Slim pickings for the Team.
But a handful of balloons were extracted from the brush.  Last of their kind thanks to Teamer Scott Leonard and his persistence with Town Legislators, lawyers, etc.  Well done, Scott.
This Saturday at 8:00 a.m., rain or shine:
    1.  Town – Stop and Shop Lot; and
    2.  Under Sankaty Light.  We meet at the end of Hoicks Hollow Road at the Sankaty Beach Club.  Stunning area!  Come clean it."

Looking ahead to August, here's the Clean Team's schedule:

"Our August Schedule follows.  We meet each Saturday at 8:00 a.m., rain or shine, at two locations:
I.  In Town, at the Stop & Shop Parking Lot; and
II.  At these locations:
    - Aug. 1: Lincoln Circle at Steps Beach.
    - Aug. 8: Eel Point Road.  Meet at White Rock, entrance to Dionis Beach.  Fortieth Pole also a goal.
    - Aug. 9: Special Event!  Jetties Beach.  Post Pops Purification of Fireworks Casings from dunes and shoreline.
    - Aug. 15: Milestone Road.  Meet at junction of Tom Nevers Road.
    - Aug. 22: Surfside Beach.  Meet at the Parking Lot.
    - Aug. 29: Mill Hill Park, Cemetery Area.  Meet at Ye Olde Mill."

Have fun!