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Nantucket Clean Teamers getting their assignments and cleaning gear at Codfish Park.

Old South Road needs some Clean Team lovin'

The Nantucket Clean Team and a dedicated group of volunteers plus the town's Department of Public Works made sure that Nobadeer Beach was spotless the Sunday after the Fourth of July debauchery, hedonism and disregard for the natural beauty of our south shore beaches.

They'll be at it again this Saturday along Old South Road if you want to join them. Below if Clean Team founder Bill O'Connell's report for last weekend's efforts and this week's assignment.


"A very successful weekend:

    1.  7 in Town and 12 at Nobadeer Farm/Milestone area on Saturday.
    2.  20 at Nobadeer Beach on Sunday and two hardy volunteers in Town.
The Beach was pristine at 9:00 a.m., but due to many, many hands from our DPW, local residents, Lifeguards and two men (from Myles Reis) in massive construction dumpsters separating recyclables  from trash.  Not a pretty sight!  Have we raised a generation of pure slobs?
T-Shirts are selling well.  We thank Peter K. for buying the most expensive T-Shirt ever!  Thank you, Peter.
This Saturday at 8:00 a.m.:
    1.  Back to Town.  Stop & Shop lot; and
    2.  Corner of Old South Road and Lovers’ Lane.  Be sure to wear gloves.
Thanks to all.  And farewell to KK and her boys.  See them all (hard workers) in 2016."