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One of Nantucket's few forests.

The Nantucket Land Council's last downtown tree walk of the season.

Was Nantucket ever forested? Find out when the Nantucket Land Council does its last downtown tree walk of the season. You should not miss this fascinating stroll through the history of the trees shading and enchanting Nantucket's Old Historic District.

From the Land Council's own ad:

"Make sure to join us next Tuesday (July 28) to learn more about the beautiful and historic species of trees that line our downtown streets.  This tour will be led by both the Executive Director Cormac Collier and the Resource Ecologist Emily MacKinnon.  Their combined knowledge of biology and island history generates interesting conversations and surprising questions. This is our LAST tree tour of the season and we have a limited amount of guests that can participate. Please call today to save your spot on the tour."

I've been on this tour and I learned a ton about the trees downtown many of us probably take for granted. This tour typically fills up fast, so don't wait to book a spot on this wicked cool hike around downtown Nantucket!