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Adding the second brood box to my east hive.

My bees are rock stars this season!

A close up of my girls with their pollen baskets full.
Looking down into the lower deep through the inside cover.
My Italian ladies hard at work in the west hive.

It's been a couple weeks since I posted about my bees, so there's a lot to tell.

Since my last post, I've added a second deep or, brood box to my east hive of carniolan bees because they'd undergone a population explosion the week before I added the second deep. At least seven of the 10 frames were loaded with uncapped and capped broad with the queen laying eggs in several sides from which new bees had recently hatched! When I'd opened the hive on May 29 to check it before going off island the next day, I was happily astounded to find the hive packed with bees. So, in an effort to prevent a swarm, which happens when the bees run out of space, and carniolans are prone to swarming, I added a second deep and 10 new frames after spraying all the frames with sugar syrup to make the bees feel welcome.

Upon checking this hive on June 8, I found the first deep full of bees as usual and then the second deep with many of the frames drawn out with comb and some of them with uncapped brood in them! It shouldn't be long before this box is nearly full and then hopefully I'll be putting a queen excluder on it and a super on top of that!

My west hive of Italians is doing equally well, but is probably one to two weeks behind the east hive in terms of when I'll add a second brood box to it, but it could be sooner because a big hatch is about to happen. 

For both hives, I removed their top feeders, which were both bone dry, because there's plenty of forage out there for them and both hives have stored a lot of sugar syrup and honey in their frames. Also, the top feeder that I'm using for a watering station is working great! I regularly see bees on the floater getting their water.

So, enjoy the photos and check in again in about a week or so for another update!