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Jim O'Connell beautifying Codfish Park in ’Sconset.

Join the Nantucket Clean Team if you can't fight the urge to pick up trash!

I keep bees and so everywhere I go, I see bees flying, collecting pollent and nectar, and drinking water. Because I'm a writer, I also see typos in everything I read. 

Jim O'Connell, a seasonal resident with his slice of heaven in the Polpis area, sees trash everywhere. And, being a humble and reverent being grateful to be spending part of his of life on Nantucket, O'Connell started the Nantucket Clean Team to sate his desire to clean the island of trash discarded all around Nantucket. Each Saturday during our season and well into the fall, O'Connell and 20-30 of his disciples meet at a different location on Nantucket and pick up all the trash they can in one hour, 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Additionally, one of his lieutenants, leads a cleaning effort in downtown Nantucket originating in the Stop & Shop parking lot, also 8-9 a.m. Nantucket's Department of Public Works gets into the act as well, picking up the bags of trash wherever they are, and transporting them to Nantucket's landfill. 

If this sound like you, you can connect with O'Connell and his minions at the corner of Hummock Pond and Bartlett Farm road or the downtown detachment in the Stop & Shop parking lot tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. to meet the man himself and his crew, and get your assignment. Trash bags and rubber gloves are supplied by the Nantucket Clean Team.

Happy Cleaning!