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Nantucket's Serengeti, a prime deer hunting property in the moors.

Deer hunting season begins today, Monday, Oct. 19

Coinciding with All Hallows Eve, actually 12 days away, today, Monday, Oct. 19, is the start of Nantucket's deer hunting season. As it does every autumn, the deer hunt begins with the hunters brandishing bows and arrows; traditional and crossbow.

Archery season, as it's called, runs from Oct. 19 through Nov. 28. Shotgun season is Nov. 30-Dec. 12 and primitive firearms wraps up the deer season on Nantucket Dec. 14-31. Also, be aware that there are hunters also going for ring-necked pheasant, Eastern cottontail rabbitsand possibly snowshoe hares through Feb. 28, 2016. Pheasant season overlaps archery season for deer, running Oct. 19-Nov. 30. All of the birds and mammals you can hunt and their respective seasons for hunting them in 2015 and 2016 can be found here. Nantucket is in Zone 14, so use this reference when you get to the hunting season page to check season dates. Hunting regulations are available at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife web site.

I mention all of this because many of us, including myself, do a lot of hiking, walking, running, mountain bike riding and exploring around the island. So, if you're going to be out in the bush during these hunting seasons, you  and your dog(s)need to wear at least one article of neon orange or green clothing or even a hat, so hunters can spot you before they mistake you for dinner. Or, you could confine your walks to Sundays only when hunting is prohibited. Such clothing for dogs is available at Geronimo's behind Stop & Shop on Pleasant Street and at Cold Noses down on Straight Wharf. Anti-hunter human apparel can be had at Marine Home Center.

Be safe out there!