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Gray seals in the water of Great Point.

Do we have too many gray seals in our waters?

Come find out at a seal forum on Monday afternoon.

Gray seals on the tip of Great Point.

Many island fishermen, recreational and commercial, feel there are too many gray seals in our waters eating eating their catch, polluting the ocean with their waste, attracting sharks and repelling shoulder season fishermen from off island. What do you think? Do you have an opinion on how we should deal with the ever-expanding gray seal population in Nantucket Sound and the ocean around us? If you do, come to "Seals - Humans: Finding a Balance", a forum and panel discussion sponsored by the Nantucket Civic League Monday afternoon, May 20 at 4:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building at 4 Fairgrounds Road. 

At this event will be three seal experts; Michael Jasny, Director of the Marine Mammal Protection Project and a Senior Policy Analyst at the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sharon Young is Marine Issues Field Director for the Humane Society of the United States and Solange Brault, an associate professor in the UMass Boston biology department specializing in gray seals. Read more about each of these three seal experts by clicking here. Providing the fishermen's viewpoint will be members of Nantucket's Seal Abatement Coalition including Pete Howell, Peter Krogh and Guy Snowden, all recreational fishermen who founded SAC.

What are your thoughts on the impacts of the growing seal population in Nantucket waters?

Please share them here and then bring them with you to the forum on Monday.

See you there!




I see the civic league is moderating the discussion but who hired the three  experts who will be lobbying for one side of the issue?    I guess I'd rather see off island hired experts and islanders together  representing each side of the issue.  this seems  to pit islanders against hired Lobbyists. So who hired the lobbyists is an important piece of information.     Someone handed me an informational card  and they were very aggressive about it kind of demanding that I state If I support seals or am I a fisherman at the hand off.   I just don't see a consensus coming out of this