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by Neil Brosnan

Moors Poetry

This column is dedicated to the expression, through poetry, of life here on Nantucket.  These first few postings will concentrate on the work of an island group (of which I’m a member) known as the Moors Poetry Collective.

This is a poem by Neil Brosnan.  It’s obvious from his work that Neil knows how to tap into the beat and swing from the hip. I hold his poetry in high regard.

Nantucket is a dog town. If you live here year round you probably know as many dogs by their names as the people that you meet on the street. My dog Swegen loves this poem, so do I. 


shotgun dogs
ride the glovebox side
keep their owners company
stick canine heads out open windows
gulp down drive by currents
bark HALLOO to stunned pedestrians
take pride in front seat status

dig the truck thing

sitting high above the rabble
plenty of room for tail wag

sing along with the radio…
sing alone with the radio off

get yelled at for whining
sent outside when they hit
the jobsite
take a well earned pee
fall asleep atop
the open tailgate
dream pick-up dreams
wake with a grin on

the boss is back
hop in the cab
time for the lumberyard

and just maybe
another biscuit.

About The Moors Poetry Collective and Poems So Far:

The Moors Poetry Collective is a handful of poets who started out as a writing group meeting twice a month at the Nantucket Field Station off Polpis road, which they dubbed Len’s Garage. They soon upped that commitment to once a week, and after about nine months of dedicated writing and workshopping decided to direct their creative skills toward a collection of work exclusively dealing with Nantucket, the place they call home. Within you will find examples of their varied experiences and perspectives regarding life on this extraordinary island and its eclectic community. Their poetry anthology, Poems So Far, is the first expression of that commitment.

Copies of Poems So Far are available at Mitchell’s Book Corner, Nantucket Bookworks, and the Hub.  The Moors Poetry Collective will be at Mitchell’s Book Corner on Tuesday, December 4th at 5:30 to sign copies and to read briefly from the anthology.