Nantucket Local Favorites

Nantucket Local Favorites is your guide to everything to do with Nantucket.  Find shops, restaurants, boat charters, landscapers, plumbers, children's activities, real estate -- anything you need to know about Nantucket businesses.  PLUS -- we give you websites, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Google+ pages and a description of what they do and how they view their business.

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Art and Antiques

Maritime antiques are prominent and the art scene is lively on Nantucket.

Business Services & Local Government

Island car rentals, repairs, taxis, plumbers, bookkeepers, town services and more.


From intimate performances to huge outdoor events, all sorts of entertainment can be found on Nantucket.

Food & Dining

From groceries to fine dining -- here are the best local favorite places for food on Nantucket.

Getting Around

How to get here, and once here, how to get around.  Mopeds, bikes, jitneys, taxis.

Health and Wellness

Medical, dental and all other sorts of wellness practicioners are listed here.

Home and Garden

Everything for your Nantucket home, indoors and out.

Museums and Non-Profits

Life-saving, history, preservation, arts--the full gamut of Nantucket non-profits.

Outdoor Activities

Kayaking, whale watching, biking and so much more to do while enjoying Nantucket's beaches, bike paths and open spaces.  Not to mention swimming, surfing and sunbathing onits miles of beaches.

Places to Stay

From B&Bs to grand modern hotels--there are so many places to stay on Nantucket.

Real Estate Sales and Rentals

Rentals and sales power the Nantucket real estate scene.  Find a broker who can show YOU all the neighborhoods of Nantucket.


From the basics to the fabulous--shop on Nantucket!