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Simple Ways You Can Help Your Nantucket Schools

It’s no secret that America’s schools have a lot of problems. There are an ever increasing number of children, and teacher salaries continue to be relatively low. Many people are concerned, but don’t know how to help. Here are some painless and simple ways we can help our Nantucket schools.

Register your Stop and Shop Card
Each year, Stop and Shop gives away $2.5 million to schools. Between October 5, 2012 through March 28, 2013, everytime you use your Stop and Shop, you earn points that results in cash for your school. It’s easy, go to and register your Stop and Shop card to benefit the local school of your choice. You can look up your school on dropdown menus, or you can just enter the ID number (Nantucket Elementary School is 06596).

Save your Boxtops for Education
Ever noticed those pink squares on some cereal boxes, granola bars, or ziploc bags? Cut those out and give them to a participating school! The Boxtops for Education program ( gave out $74 million last year. Right now, the Nantucket Elementary School and the New School are participating.

Labels for Education
A similar program is available for the Labels for Education program ( Clip the bar code, with the “Labels for Education” design, and drop off at Nantucket Elementary School or the Nantucket New School.

Adopt a Classroom
If you’d like to help a specific classroom with supply needs, go to Adopt a Classroom ( Most of Nantucket’s schools are listed there, and even a local preschool. 100% of your donation goes to the classroom.

Do you have any ideas of simple ways to help your school?


Great reminder, Georgen.  Thanks for posting.