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Chocolate caramel tartlets

Chocolate Cook-Off--the winner!


chocolate dipped pretzels with lime zest

And the first place winner is:  Tia Netz, a newcomer to Nantucket from Colorado, with her recipe for Chambord Peanut-butter-and-jelly Chocolate Cups.  Here's the recipe:

1/4 cup good quality peanut butter (Annye's Whole Foods has a great selection)
2 T brown sugar
1/4 cup Petticoat Row jam or jelly of your choice (they're having a great indoor tag sale now)
1 T favorite liqueur--I used Chambord, that's raspberries
1 cup good quality 64% cocoa chocolate

In a small pan melt together peanut butter with brown sugar and set aside.
In another small pan combine jelly or jam with liqueur
In a double boiler or heat-proof bowl over simmering water (medium heat), melt the chocolate
Brush candy cups (small cupcakes would do, too) with a thin layer of chocolate and allow to set
Scoop a small layer of peanut butter mixture into the chocolate cups and follow with the jam/jelly mixture.
Top with a layer of chocolate to seal

Second place went to Tom Holden for Tom's Terrific Brownies--the recipe will appear tomorrow.

Thanks to all for a fun time!



[ Please Note the event date has changed to Sunday February 3rd! ]

It's time to get creative, and just in time for Valentine's Day! Nantucket Foodie and Mitchell's Book Corner are hosting another 'Nantucket Chronicle Cook-Off.'  This one will likely be everybody's favorite. We're hoping contestants will get creative and try out some unusual preparations featuring chocolate. It can be chocolate candies, chocolate beverages, chocolate baked goods, or even delicious treats dipped in choclate. There really is no limit, as long as its edible. Contestants need to make at least 25 bite-size items. Each serving will be small. Amateurs and professionals and all ages are welcome to sign up to participate. Anyone can enter and anyone can attend as a taste-tester/judge/voter ...although space is limited. First come, first served. Literally!

To enter, contestants need to register by email no later than Friday February 1st at 5pm. Then, drop off your entry and a copy of the recipe to Mitchell's Book Corner by 11 am Sunday. The contest is at noon. See photos below for inspiration. Remember, a beautiful presentation always makes good food taste better, so go for it!


When: Sunday, Feb, 3rd at noon

Where: Mitchell's Book Corner, 54 Main Street (upstairs)

Pre-Register:  By Friday Feb. 1st at 5pm by email:

[email protected]


BARBARA GOOKIN is the author of "Harvesting Nantucket, The Taste of Bartlett's Ocean View Farm" available at island book sellers and here.  She is currently writing her second cookbook with another Nantucket theme. You can follow Barbara's tastefully tantilizing writings under the name "Nantucket Foodie" by clicking these links to her pages on Facebook, Twitter and as a senior restaurant reviewer at