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Children's Pop Comes to the Dreamland

Bari Koral makes pop music for children. She plays The Dreamland this Saturday, July 21 at 11 AM. Here is the first track , "Hearts", from her most recent album "Anna and the Cupcakes" on YouTube.

Koral is also a children’s yoga and music and movement specialist.  "At the band’s popular live shows children may pop like popcorn, surf the waves, run like the gingerbread man and they may even learn to 'jam with the band'," says Dreamland Managing Director Melissa Murphy.

Koral posted on her Facebook page: Has anyone visited Nantucket before? Packing the car & hitting the road again for our first trip there!...Hoping for some lobsters on the beach in Nantucket too. Have to wheel the drums off the ferry. No cars!

Tickets, for the show are $20 for adults and $15 for children under twelve.


Question for parents of young children: this is a music genre I'm utterly in the dark about. Is Bari Koral a big deal with the small ones? On a scale of one-to-five Wiggles? Please share your children's music stories. Good, bad, and Barney.