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Who's That Dog?

With a beautiful golden coat and a warm personality to match, Bentley is this week’s Who’s That Dog pick. This optimistic golden retriever loves a good game of fetch in the yard or a power walk on the trail. He is a friendly affectionate companion to his mom Jenny Whitlock, an agent at J. Pepper Frazier Real Estate. Watch your gloves though. Turn your back and he is an opportunistic thief. Not to fear, he’s happy to return them unharmed, except for a bit of drool.

Name: Bentley

Age: 4

Breed: Golden Retriever


Favorite walking spot: 

The Conservation Foundation trails next to my house

Favorite toy: 

Dirty socks

Favorite treat: 


Favorite place to relax in your house: 

On my owner's bed

Guilty Pleasure:

I enjoy a good game of keep away!

Something that scares you: 

Anything new in the yard or on the deck

Most impressive trick: 

I can fit two pairs of socks and a pair of underpants in my mouth at the same time.

What do you like best about Nantucket? 

The beach

What's a personality quirk or strange habit you have that people might not know about? 

I like to do a "happy dance" after I eat or when my owners come home. It involves throwing my shoulder on the ground and sticking my bum in the air.

If you were in charge of the world what would you do first? 

Take all the lids off the dog food bins.