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This is Beau plotting to steal his brother Archie's bone.

Who's That Dog?

This week’s Who’s That Dog profile takes us all the way to Sconset to meet a dashing black miniature poodle, Beau. I mean, he was literally dashing. All around his yard, taunting passing cars and pursuing his little brother Archie, an eight-month-old white miniature poodle. It was all I could do to get his attention and ask him some questions. But once I got him talking, he had quite a lot to say. Turns out it’s been a rough winter for Beau. He had been living the dream as an only child, until his mom returned home with Archie one day this January. He’s adjusting slowly, but you may sense a little resentment in the interview. Beau’s mom happens to be Georgia Raysman, founder and publisher of Nantucket Chronicle, not to mention, MY BOSS. (Gulp!)

Name:  Beau

Age: 6

Breed: Miniature Poodle


Favorite walking spot

Wherever I can get away from that little brat brother of mine who keeps chasing me. (They call him Archie.)

Favorite Toy

Anything that the little white monster likes. I take it away from him.

Favorite Treat

Steak bits.

Favorite place to relax in your house

High on my dad’s chair when he’s sitting in it, so the little white monster can’t reach me.  My dad is also my lawyer, so they can’t treat me unfairly which they’ve been doing since Archie arrived.

Guilty Pleasure

Making Archie give up his toy by staring at him and growling. But I don’t really feel guilty about that.

Something that scares you

That noisy thing my mom uses to pick up stuff from the floor.  Although I’m brave enough to attack it.

Most impressive trick

Hiding Archie’s rawhide behind the sofa cushions when he’s gone into the kitchen for water.  Then he comes back and looks around, baffled.

What do you like best about Nantucket? 

Chasing the cars around the edge of our property. (There’s something mysterious about the edges where I get a nasty tingle if I go too far, so I can’t go out into the road to chase them.) I’m a REALLY FAST runner.

What’s a personality quirk or strange habit you have that people may not know about? 

No one ever knew how ornery I was until Archie came along. They thought I was the perfect dog. Ha!

If you were in charge of the world, what would you do first? 

Send Archie to some far away cold place. He’s white, he’d get lost in the snow.


Marty is voiced by Janet Forest a full time pet sitter on Nantucket.