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Marty's First Fireworks

The Fourth of July is here and until this morning my mom and I were still scrambling to make plans. I made a decision this year to get over my fear of fireworks. Come hell or high water, I will be somewhere on Nantucket watching this year’s fireworks display. And I will enjoy it, darn it!

We had a couple different offers, which we politely declined. Our first offer was from friends who invited us to join them on their boat to watch the fireworks from the harbor. This sounded festive, but also little risky on a couple fronts. I have heard you are supposed to face your fears head on, but in this case I am not sure getting up close and personal is the way to go. Plus, if I panic and want to run away, it would be a long swim back to shore.

Another option was to walk down to Brant Point and sit with the crowds on the beach and enjoy the show from there. This provided a decent escape route and maybe the positive energy from the surrounding observers would have diffused my anxiety. But in the end it was a still a little too close to the action for me.

Our final offer was from from friends who own a house out in Madaket with views of the harbor from their back deck. Sold American! This sounds like the perfect solution. Great views so I can get a taste of the fireworks experience. Far enough away so I won’t be blown away by the loud POP! POP! POP! And it’s a big four bedroom house with plenty of beds to hide under if I chicken out. 

This is it! This is the year I conquer my fear of fireworks. Unless of course it is fogged out like every other year, in which case I get a pas until POPS!

Paws crossed!

Marty is voiced by Janet Forest a full time pet sitter on Nantucket.