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Marty Goes Over the Edge

My mom and I decided to make a trip out to Sconset and Sankaty this week to enjoy the peacefulness before winter gets away from us. It’s fun to peek through the hedges and check out the houses that are carefully guarded much of the year by the luscious green privets. Since the roads are quiet enough, I’m allowed off leash and frequently dart from one side of the road to other trying not to miss any aromas left over from last season.

When I catch an extra enticing smell coming from one of the properties, I will run up the driveway and prance around in the backyard. I also like running to the bluff’s edge and peering over to the beach below. While I call it exploring, my mom calls it trespassing, and she always waits impatiently at the property’s edge for me to come back. (I’ve trained her well.)

This particular day, I got lost in a day dream. I imaged there was a barbecue happening in the backyard and my friends and I were all running around wrestling and playing with the kids. And people kept sneaking hotdogs our way. So preoccupied with my fantasy I was that I didn’t realize how close I was to the bluff. I pictured myself rolling over to get a belly rub from one of the kids and next thing I knew I was falling paws over tail.


I landed moments later on the beach below with a mouthful of sand. I stood up and shook off the sand and looked around trying to get reoriented. Suddenly I heard a God-like voice from the heavens.

“Marty! You idiot!”

It wasn’t God. It was my mom. She was not happy. The bad news was that the slope was too steep for me to climb back up. The good news was that it wasn’t too steep for my mom to slide down after me and figure out a way back up the cliff. With the Sankaty Lighthouse as a guide we walked along the beach until we found a sandy dirt ramp carved out of the side of the bluff. We made our way up it and ended up in the parking lot of the Sankaty Beach Club.

Then it was a long, silence (on leash) walk down the Polpis bike path and back to our car parked on Baxter Road.

So if you decided to go “exploring” in Sconset and Sankaty, watch out for the first step. It’s a doozy!

Marty is voiced by Janet Forest a full time pet sitter on Nantucket.