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Hitchhiker's Guide for Dogs

Boy did I pull one over on my Mom this week. We arrived at the State Forest one afternoon to meet my mom’s friend for a walk. They got talking in the parking lot while finishing the snacks they each brought, while I had to just wait and fidget until they were ready to go. Meanwhile, a dog walker that I have seen around the trails showed up with three dogs and I was thinking “Yes! playmates!” But alas, they jumped out of the car and went off on their way, while my mom still chatted away with her friend in the parking lot.

I decided to follow the dog walker and her dogs a little ways into the forest. Then a little further. Then a little further. I didn’t hear my mom calling me, so I thought she and her friend had finished their snacks and were right behind me. Before I knew it were at basket #6 of the disc golf course. The dog walker finally turned to me and said, “Marty don’t you think your Mom might be looking for you?” I cocked my head in an expression of, “Mom who?”

She reach for my collar to find my Mom’s phone number and pulled out her cell phone. “Hello, this is the dog walker that arrived a while ago. Marty is over here with me at the sixth marker.”

I waited. “No, she’s fine. She sort of tagged along with me and the other dogs, and I thought you might be looking for her.” I held my breath. “Well I’m happy to have her along for the walk and I can meet you back in the parking lot. She is having an awful lot of fun with the other dogs and she isn’t any trouble.” Listening. Waiting. “No really, I’m sure. It is no trouble at all. I’ll see you in a little while.” She hung up the phone and looked down at me politely sitting at her feet.

“Well, Marty. Today is your lucky day. You just got a free ride with the dog walker. Welcome to the pack.”

I leaped in the air and went dashing off to chase and wrestle with the other dogs.

Well played, Marty. Well played.

Marty is voiced by Janet Forest a full time pet sitter on Nantucket.