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Farewell and Adieu!

Farewell Nantucket!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce this will be my last column for Nantucket Chronicle. My mom and I have decided to move to New York City and start fresh.

There is so much about Nantucket that I will miss that it is hard to fit it into one farewell letter, but I will try.

I’ll miss hanging out with my friends at Tupancy and meeting the new dogs as they join the doggie social circle. I’ll miss blazing full speed down the beach feeling the salty air whip through my fur until I collapse into the sand and roll around in ecstasy. I’ll miss strutting around Cisco Brewery checking out the scene. I’ll miss running the disc golf course with my mom, panting as we try to make it through all 18 fairways. I’ll miss strolling around town sipping from the water bowls set out by local merchants. I’ll miss the guys at On Island Gas, who always remember to toss me a couple treats when we get a fill-up. I’ll miss hearing all the success stories coming out of NSHA as each animal finds its forever home.

The list goes on and on. Most of all I think I’ll miss sharing all my silly antics with you and keeping you up to date on the local dog scene.

I’m excited to see what the big city holds in store for me. And who knows? Maybe Nantucket will call me back some day.

Until then so long!

Marty is voiced by Janet Forest a full time pet sitter on Nantucket.