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Are You Ready For Some (puppy) Football!!

My mom and I are not really football fans and we couldn’t even tell you which teams will be heading off Sunday night. But after watching the Puppy Bowl IX last year, I begged my mom to get into the festivities and throw a Super Bowl Party for our friends.

We’re both making grocery lists so we’ll have plenty of snacks. I’m planning to serve peanut butter covered liver treats and Snausages wrapped in bacon and then just have a big bowl of mini Milkbones out, which is always a crowd pleaser.

I’ve heard some cats are getting together for their own Super Bowl Party, but they are just tuning in for the kitten Halftime Show. Lame! Everyone knows they’re lip-syncing.

I heard about the puppy bowl from a friend who got me to join the Tupancy Pool last year. It sounded fun and a good morale booster, so I put down six Milkbones on a 13 week-old bulldog and lost it all. My mistake was using emotion instead of research to make my bet. I took one look at that ugly smooshed up face and threw my treats down on the wrong pup.

This year I’ve read up on the starting line up and made a much more strategic wager. Since every year is a rebuilding year, it’s not easy to speculate on who will be good on the field. But I’ve done my homework and I think I’m going to be walking away with a lot of dog treats this year.

I hate to jinx myself, but I feel really good about Ullie the 12-week-old Chihuahua Dachshund mix. She is smaller than the others, but she is smart and has a certain fire in her eyes. I think she’ll really hold her own on the field, while still maintaining a positive rapport with her teammates.

I also have my eye (and treats) on Loren, a 14-week-old Brittany Spaniel mix. He’s not the most aggressive of the bunch, but he’s got long legs and plenty of speed to get him away from the pack and into the end zone.

Here is the full line up in case you want to get in on the wager.

By the way, all these pups are up for adoption, so consider giving one of them a safe and loving home after their big game.

You can catch Puppy Bowl X on Sunday, February 2 at 3 p.m.