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Who's that dog? It's Djuma!

This week, I am pleased to introduce “Who’s that Dog?” a series of Q & A profiles of island dogs. Nantucket is a small place, so sometimes you feel like you know everyone, but then you find yourself waiting in the car outside the post office and you see a dog walk by that you have never seen before. Or you are out on your morning walk and you pass the same dog every day and never work up the nerve to ask her name. Well, let’s start to get to know each other, one dog at a time. This week we meet Djuma.

Age: 5
Breed: Rottweiller

Favorite walking spot:
Dead Horse Valley / Mill Hill Park.

Favorite Toy:
The hedgehog before it lost its insides and squeaker, now the shark.

Favorite Treat:
Milkbone biscuits.

Favorite place to relax in your house:
On the Persian carpet.

Guilty Pleasure:
Wriggling on my back on the Persian carpet.

Something that scares you:
Thunder and fireworks.

Most impressive trick:
I know when my Dad is coming home.

What do you like best about Nantucket?
So many places for walks, just have to keep an eye out for the ticks.

What’s a personality quirk or strange habit you have that people may not know about?
I can discipline a tennis ball.

If you were in charge of the world, what would you do first?
I would find a cure for epilepsy for dogs, cats and humans.


J Dawg, who voices the paws-on-the-ground perspective of island life, is created by Janet Forest, owner of Nantucket Pet Sitter, which you can follow on Facebook, too.