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So Long Summer Dogs!

It’s time to say good-bye to our summer canine friends as they board the ferries and planes with their families and head home. For me, it is definitely a bitter sweet transition. I’m exhausted and ready for some quiet time (and more time at the computer), but I had the best summer since I don’t know when. I saw the returning seasonal dogs, of course, but I also made a lot of new friends this year, which is always exciting. I met dogs from as far away as California and South Dakota.

I won’t miss the piles of dog poop scattered all over the walkway at Tupancy, but I loved meeting new faces and learning about what dogs are up to all over the country. What I heard most often from summer dogs was how much they will miss having open space in which to run around. Many come from more urban areas where local dog parks are their best chance to run off leash. So they leave and immediately start counting the days until next summer.

I was up early on Labor Day for a morning walk through town and it was like the entire island had done a full downward facing dog followed by a refreshing sigh. September has always felt like one long belly rub. The air is dry and fresh and the frenetic energy of summer has dissipated.

I like that I can now go on a long trail walk with my mom and not seeing another person or dog the entire time. It takes a lot of energy to interact with new dogs. You have to assess them and sense if they are friend or foe. Then there is the smell exchange. When you hit it off, it’s great. You run and play. Or sometimes we choose to go our separate ways. But the worst is when one dog is really into the other dog, but the sentiment is not mutual. AWKWARD! I know it is all part of being a dog, but with so many dogs here in the summer, I feel like I need to be in a constant state of readiness for any type of dog that may come around the bend.

I also like seeing my year-round friends again. Many Nantucket dogs are overwhelmed with the summer crowds and choose to hunker down and keep to themselves in July and August. They steer clear of Sanford Farm, Tupancy and the other regular dog spots. 

Overall, I am sad to see my summer friends sail away, but thrilled to have autumn arrive. I look forward to getting back to my writing and catching up on back issues of Dog Fancy.