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Shaping Up For The ShamRock Run

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Shaping up for the ShamRock Run

My leg muscles are  little sore this week because my mom and I have been getting back in shape for the 2nd Annual ShamRock Run to benefit the Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals. It kicks off from Cisco Brewery at 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 16.

Last year we stopped by just to check it out and the turnout was spectacular. So many runners, walkers, and animal lovers from the community came out to support the new animal shelter. This year we’re gonna be sure to sign up early because there are only 125 spots available.

Frankly this event couldn’t come at a better time. I’m currently on probation due to my recent temper tantrum at Tupancy, so my mom pulled out my harness, which I haven’t had to wear in months. It was bad enough to temporarily lose my off-leash privileges, but to add insult to injury, the stupid harness didn’t even fit any more. We had to spend extra time adjusting and expanding the straps so it would fasten around my belly.

I know I’ve slacked off a little bit in the winter, but who doesn’t? And maybe while my mom was away, I snacked on a few more milk bones than I usually do. (My friend’s mom is a really sucker for puppy eyes.) And I have noticed my bed isn’t quite as spacious as it used to be.

So we’ve been up early every morning for a long brisk walk on the bike path. If we’re feeling ambitious we head down to the beach for a tougher workout on the soft sand. Yesterday we started at Surfside Beach parking lot. We walked along the sand to the beach entrance at the end of South Shore Road, then walked the bike path to Surfside Road and then up Surfside back to the parking lot.

Hopefully by the time the ShamRock run rolls around, we’ll be adjusting my harness straps in the other direction.

Click here to sign up for the Shamrock Run. Remember, there is a 125 person limit this year, so sign up early.

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